And the winner is…


With the assistance of my two-year-old, your name was pulled out of the hat. Congratulations, Tracey, you have won the paperback set of the Infinite Series (books 1-4). I’ll reply on your comment with my email address and you can send me your shipping address at your convenience.

To all who entered, thank you so much for reading Infinite Faith and leaving a review. Whenever I see I have a new review I wish I could personally thank each person who takes the time to write one. I know how hard it is to take that time out and I actually find reviews so hard to write myself. I’m so pleased with how Infinite Faith has been received. It’s a relief to see that my readers like where I’ve taken the story.

Sorry if you didn’t win this time, but rest assured, I will make the same offer when I release Book 5 for the complete paperback series.