2020 Goals

FA6E37F0-1AED-4F77-B3CB-56378961C5C3Guess what my 2020 New Year’s Resolution is?

To get back to committing daily to get Infinite Salvation, Book 5 published!

I know how patient you all have been and I appreciate everyone’s support. You’re all saints! Honestly, I’m so touched that you are even still thinking about the series and reaching out to me, begging for an update. So you deserve a 2020 update and game plan.

John Lennon’s quote “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans” rings true. Even though I think about the last book and my characters daily; even though I research the huge topics I have planned to tackle in book 5 incessantly; I haven’t been able to keep to any writing schedule.

One of the big reasons that I decided to self publish was because I needed to have the flexibility to write around caring for my young family. Because of unfair female biological constraints I only have this time to grow my family. I’ve now had my fifth sweet little baby and I don’t want to take any time away from fully enjoying her in these fleeting moments of childhood. I can always write later but these precious moments will not come again. However, now that my little girl is seven months old, I do feel like it’s time to plan at least an hour commited to actually writing each day. I’m not going to set a release date or over promise but I will start to stick to at least one hour a day.

Originally, I had a clear plan of how this series would end but God had something else in store. Luckily my reader base is highly spiritual so you might believe that I had an amazing spiritual intervention to get a specific unplanned message out. It did throw me for a life changing loop and I had to go within myself for serious introspection and dive into fathoms of endless research. It might throw all my readers for a loop too so I had to think about these changes for awhile and decide upon the best way to make it my story.  I’ve never researched so much in my life and honestly there might not be an end to such profound meaning of life topics but it’s getting clearer and clearer what I’m destined to do with this most cherished series of mine.

The expected schedule for a series is a new installment each year, yet I’ve now had two children between my last publication. I don’t write for income but to attempt to deliver an engaging, spiritual journey to you, my lovely readers. I take it so seriously and do not want to regret finishing this in a hurry and failing to reach all the most transformative messages that will hopefully help you to understand your journey as well.

Have faith in me and send good creative energy my way✨