I’ve had some requests from readers to put my character charts up on my website so they can be viewed on a larger screen. This also allows the listeners to my audio books (Infinite Sacrifice & Infinite Devotion) to view the charts.

I was hoping that I could cut and paste the charts from my excel sheet but that didn’t work. The only way I could figure it out was to put a link that you have to open with your own word program. If you can’t view them then please email me (lewaters777(at) and I’ll figure out a way to get them to you.

Infinite Sacrifice (Book 1)

Infinite Sacrifice-Life 1

Infinite Sacrifice-Life 2

Infinite Sacrifice-Life 3

Infinite Sacrifice-Life 4


Infinite Devotion (Book 2)

Infinite Devotion-Life 5

Infinite Devotion-Life 6

Infinite Devotion-Life 7


Infinite Loss (Book 3)

Infinite Loss-Life 8

Infinite Loss-Life 9

Infinite Loss-Life 10


Infinite Faith (Book 4)

Infinite Faith-Life 11 Chart

Infinite Faith-Life 12 Chart



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