Infinite Faith Release Date & Cover Reveal

I’m so happy to say to all my patient fans that Infinite Faith (Infinite Series Book 4) will be released May 1st!

It has taken longer than I predicted due to the ENORMOUS restoration project that I’ve taken on which I’m still slaving away at on weekends, but that is another story and another book!

Infinite Faith was originally going to include three past lives, but after much thought and feedback, the story can’t end here and a fifth book is needed to complete the story. I know that is welcome news for many of you that have begged for the Infinite Series to go on and, after writing much of the third life of Infinite Faith, I realized that as much as you might plan a book, its characters develop a life of their own and take the story in their own direction. I was going to deviate from the original story format since I thought it would be exciting, but it just didn’t feel right. Therefore, Infinite Faith will include two fantastic lives, it’s on its way to being published and I’ve got some of Book 5 (Infinite Salvation) finished already!

Enough about that, I’m sure what you really want to see is the gorgeous cover S. Frost Designs created for me. This might be my favorite cover yet!

infinitefaith- small ebook

I also want everyone on my website to have a heads up that the eBook will be $4.99 instead of $5.99 for the first day only, so mark that date on your calendar (but I will still send out a reminder mass email that morning). I want you all the get that deal since it’s the only time I discount the later books. In return for the discount, I would be so appreciative for honest reviews since they are so important for new releases. Thanks so much for waiting for this fourth book and for your awesome support!


6 thoughts on “Infinite Faith Release Date & Cover Reveal

  1. Love your books! So excited to hear there is another one coming very soon! Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination with us! 🙂

  2. I can’t tell you how pumped I am for the new book! I awoke to the email yesterday and it made my day. I am also pleased about a fifth book but fear I will lose some sanity waiting for its release after I devour Infinite Faith. I’m going to have to take it slow!
    Can’t wait for the 1st 😀

    • Hi Tina,

      I tried to pick the closest release date that I could but if I signed up for preorder, Amazon makes me submit my manuscript by April 21. I hope it’s back from the formatter before then, but I need to be sure since they take your pre-order rights away if you don’t get it up by the deadline date. I still might be able to do it but right now I’m going through all the different formatted files and then I have to send corrections back to the formatter. So I don’t want to promise a preorder, but Infinite Faith will be out May 1st as promised!


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