May 1st is Here!

And with it, my long-awaited release of the fourth book of my series, Infinite Faith. I’m very proud of this book and hope you will all enjoy it.


You can purchase it right now (and take advantage of the one-day $4.99 discount price of the ebook) at the following locations, simply click on the link:


Amazon UK



Amazon Print Copy ($15.99)

Nook, Googleplay, iBooks and Sony will be up shortly.

Please take the time to leave some much needed reviews on this new book. It helps me so much! Thank you so much for your patience and support. I have the BEST fans!

Happily, this is not the last book. Infinite Salvation (Book 5) is already in the works and stay tuned for updates on its progress. It will most definitely be the caboose of my series and, with a tinge of sadness but so much joy, I look forward to completing the series.



2 thoughts on “May 1st is Here!

  1. A few weeks ago, Ms. Waters invited me to pre-read a review of “Infinite Faith”. Needless to say I was pleased and excited to do this because I am a big fan. Whether or not one believes in or has consisdered the possibility of reincarnation, set aside your skepticism and pick up her fascinating reads. No doubt, fans are ordering now. “Infinite Faith” is as compelling as her first three, particularly as she progresses to more recent history, e.g. the Civil War and World War II. If you are an avid fan you know she provides a chart of characters (including pets) in a progression of their involvement with the main character. New readers will find this is a unique and helpful feature. Readers will appreciate the immense amount of research required to write the infinite series. I applaud her for taking the time to provide the accuracy of historic events while integrating character development into the story and is a testament to her obvious love of writing. Totally amazing read, and now I look forward to “Infinite Salvation”!

    • Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, Janet! I’m so glad that Infinite Faith has not let you down. I’ve decided to host an Infinite Series print copy giveaway to reward my awesome readers that leave reviews where they purchased, so check back here in a few days 🙂

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