More Than a Year Flew By…

I realize that guessing your blog’s password three times is a good indicator of blog neglect. I feel terrible that things have gotten so busy that I’ve had to drop updating this blog. I used to love coming here like my weekly therapy session to vent/celebrate my latest writing/publishing adventures. The support I found from other authors and readers on here truly helped me grow and I thank you all for that.

Life just sped up for me this last year. The kiddos are growing and changing almost everyday and I have to keep evolving with them in order to keep the balance of nature in our house. Yet, the thing that consumes most of my free time is a huge project we took on last Christmas that had always been a dream. It has proven to be a much bigger project than I could ever have imagined. We decided to purchase a lovely old gingerbread Victorian on the Jersey shore that needed to be restored to its former glory (I’ve been watching way too many Nicole Curtis-Rehab Addict episodes…it’s all her fault).

At first, we thought that we could purchase it and hold off on the major work for a year or two, but that was before we found knob and tube wiring 😦 Then everything had to be opened up and we found other delightful problems of course. Fast forward almost a year and not much has progressed due to many different issues I won’t go into now. But here’s a peek of what it pretty much looks like throughout the house:

kitchen pic for blog

Just like getting my books out, it is a labor of love that I take very seriously and devote most of my time to researching and planning. I’m obsessed with trying to bring this house back to 1890’s even if it means finding 1890’s salvage from Ebay and Craigslist to make it that way. I spent the last year going down for day trips—a two hour drive each way—with my infant in tow, measuring and planning what needs to be done. Not to mention finding a whole antique tin ceiling, 1920’s gas stove, old barn siding, hand-hewn beams and old plumbing fixtures to the delight of my contractor. It has truly been an adventure of a whole other kind with funny stories, treasure hunts, trial and error, and lessons learned. Halfway through all of this, I decided I needed to document everything for a different type of home improvement book, that will illustrate the changes, but will be told in a storytelling way. To combine two great passions of mine will be exciting. I strive to put books out that I would love to read and I can’t get enough of home improvement shows/books, focusing on restoring old homes and giving DIY tips along the way.

Even though the house restoration is taking up a huge part of my life right now (especially since we keep getting thrown curve balls that call for creative fixes), I have managed to carve out an hour of writing/researching a day. And I am so happy to announce that I’ve finished writing the second life of Infinite Faith. That might not sound like a lot, but at nearly 100,000 words it could easily be a novel on its own and the first life of this book clocks in around 75,000 words. This is still only a first draft and I’ll need to do the proper beta reads and revisions on it, but it’s progress and I know my loyal fans have been patiently waiting for this next installment so it might help them wait a little longer for the last life of the book to be written. I’m already cracking open my research books for this next glimpse of history and hopefully the house project issues will die down as things start to fall into place and I can get more writing time this winter.

So, please forgive me for all of my neglect and delays. I still love writing my series and promise to keep sculpting it. Can I give an exact time that it will be released? Not yet. I never expected this last life to be so long, but my stories sometimes take me in unexpected directions. This next life will most likely take me on a similar journey. I can only promise that I won’t put this fourth installment out until it is everything I’ve dreamed it to be. Thank you all for being so patient and supportive (and sending good vibes to my little gingerbread house is also greatly appreciated).


8 thoughts on “More Than a Year Flew By…

  1. I see you are a seemingly industrious, tenacious and ambitious person. One of my many lessons in this life is patience; about the time I think it’s mastered, the patience hat pops up again. I shall continue to look forward to the book as well as updates on your amazing life. Thank you for the update. JR

    • Thanks so much, JR! Now that I think about it, those may be the best words to describe me. But I think patience is one of my lessons in life as well (and I will need every bit of it in dealing with these contractors). Hopefully it won’t be too long before I post the next update 🙂

    • Hi JR! I think of you the most when I dream of getting this book out! I wish I could tell you it was coming out soon, but I haven’t been getting lots of writing time with all the snow days the kids have been having and the house construction is having major problems right now. I’ve been working on the renovations every weekend to cut costs. I still write everyday and it is already longer than Infinite Loss! The good news is that most of the research is complete and I’m about 2/3s of the way through the fourth book now (but I still need to do a few revisions of the last life before I send it off the editors). But I already have the amazing cover made—can’t wait to share it! I would love to add you to my ARC lists though, because you have been so patient and I think you will give me valuable feedback if you’re interested. All I ask for in return is an honest review up before the book comes out (and you’ll be able to read it first!) Please email me ( if you’d like to be added. Thanks so much for your support!

  2. Hello Lauren

    You have one of the houses I have dreamt of since I was a child. The other being a cottage by the sea. I love the ocean. I also live in New Jersey. I was just checking in to see how you are and the book too. Lol. I can’t wait to get my greedy paws on it. I am thinking a beach vacation is in order when I get it, even if it’s just in Atlantic city.
    So far I have read all three books three times and have a need to reread again. Your words touch me and soothe my weary soul like a balm. Can’t wait for infinite faith.

    Be well and take all renovations in stride. One day we will read a book from you that was written on the front porch of your wonderful new home.

    Be back from time to time

    • Hi Maureen,
      You’ve just made me feel so much better. Your words have centered me 🙂 This beach house has been a dream of mine for so long, but I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew. I knew it needed work but I thought we could have done it later, gradually. Ha! I have been keeping a detailed journal (and pics!) of everything that’s gone wrong (and boy, has so much gone wrong). It will be a don’t-make-the-same-mistakes-as-me home renovation book and could have been a reality show with all the characters that have been involved. All good fodder for my book! It’s been two years now and we’re still finishing the interior work. We’ll start the exterior in the spring. I’m trying to do everything I can to keep costs down and I go down every weekend I can to work. With three crazy kids it’s been such a challenge, but I do think it will be worth it in the end (like so many of life’s hardest challenges are). I feel so guilty not being able to devote more time to Infinite Faith but in the wise words of Lennon “life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans”. Thank you so much for your amazing patience and kind words. I truly have the best fans ever! And once they read my renovation book (I’ve already thought of the fitting title, In Another Life: Renovating a Victorian Beach House) they’ll understand why Infinite Faith has taken me so long!

      Please check in whenever you want 🙂

  3. Hello there, I’ve never wrote to an author before so please excuse the bad grammar or typos but I just wanted to drop you a few lines to tell you how wonderful you’re infinite series is and that I’m an avid reader and read tons of books but rarely but the second books of series but I couldn’t help myself when I finished your first one, I headed straight for Barnes and nobles and bought the next two in the series and finished them all within a week! I’m hooked on the beautiful story telling you’ve done. Its truly magnificent how you bring all the characters to life. I’m so excited to continue reading on in this souls journey. So keep the great work coming as I’ll be right there waiting to read the next one…….. And as we say way down here in the south…. Bless your heart!!

    • Hello Paula! Thank you so much for writing to me (and I would NEVER be one to criticize grammar and typos since I hope everyone will forgive mine on here!) I’m so glad that you enjoyed the books so much. I’m going to be posting as soon as I hear back from my formatter with an Infinite Faith release date and cover reveal so stayed tuned! I can’t wait to see it published as I’m sure so many patient fans will agree. Bless your heart as well! ~Lauren

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